Krieg – Walking Dead Sound


Krieg “Walking Dead Sound” “CDR” “11 Tracks” “Necrotorture Prod.” “Italy”

Band Members; Cristian Gscheidel – Vocals, Bass, Friedrich Gscheidel – Guitars, Gaetano Isaia – Guitars and Walter Valli – Drums. This group’s first album was released in 2010. Styles Thrash Metal. According to the portions sounds aggressive, ferocious vocals, drums stolen good, finishing, dynamic Thrash Metal rhythms on the board. December melodies sharp, energetic Bay Area Thrash Metal riffs enriching the sub-structures. Their sound is very similar to the structure of sub-groups of the German Thrash Metal SodomDestruction – from Kreator, on the other hand, does not effect on the Bay Area Thrash Metal, Death Angel – like Exodus. Rhythms used, parts energies, cover design, recording quality, well prepared. Thrash Metal fans suggest that the group’s album, obtain, support.

Favorite Tracks: Sexess & Unfaithful
Krieg contact:
Necrotorture Prod. contact:


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