Aegror – De Morbis


Aegror “De Morbis” “CD” “8 Tracks” “Self Released” “Germany”

Band Members; Narthaas – Guitars, Vocals (ex-Nebelsturm), Sethonas – Guitars, Mithyr – Drums (ex-Nebelsturm) and Kjartanas – Bass (ex-Nebelsturm). This group’s first album was released in 2010. Styles Black / Death Metal. According to the portions of hell sounds ferocious vocals, drums stolen good, dark, sharp finishing Death Metal Black Metal rhythms and melodies on the board. Parts fluent, energetic, and melodica melodies used as much as possible. Sound as a Dark FuneralNaglfarGraveworm between. Cover design and recording quality, well prepared.The band’s first study (Album) Although the album was tight, I look forward to your next work, this young German band support …

Favorite Tracks: Yersinia Pestis & Last Man Sane & Resurrection
Aegror contact:


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